Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Music Education

Musical Advice:

Whether you are musical or not, there is one very simple tool you can use to give your child an amazing musical basis: tune into your local classical music station, everyday.  And keep it on, everyday. As your child gets older, you will find yourself discussing the pieces you hear, identifying instruments, talking about staccato notes, singing along to The Magic Flute, and so on.

When our daughter was just days old, we kept our local classical station (WQXR) on constantly,  and now her piano teacher informs us that she is not only very musical, but also has an easy grasp for understanding complicated aspects of music and music theory.

Recently on a 3 hour car trip our daughter was reading in the back seat and Steve was playing around with his '80s playlist.  Suddenly, we hear from the back seat:  "Dad, classical music please, I am trying to read!"  Ah, music to my ears, literally!

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