Monday, June 30, 2014

10 Things I Cannot Live Without -- as a Parent

10 Things I Cannot Live Without -- as a Parent

Our Piano

Not only do we play at the piano, we also play in front of it!

Bookshelves (to hold all those books)

Burt's Bees Tear Free Hair and Body Wash

Has kept my daughter's hair beautiful,  silky and chemical free since birth!

Relaxing WQXR Classical Radio

Vitamix Smoothie Maker

You can sneak so many nutritious fruits and vegetables into your child's diet with the Vitamix.

Swimming Pools - nothing tires them out more effectively

(or better yet, the ocean!)

My homemade, kid-approved Salad Dressing (recipe to follow!)

Colored Pencils


You'll be amazed at what your children will learn when watching this wonderful educational online program.

Oh, and my incredibly comfortable Bed!

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