Monday, June 30, 2014

Hairstyles for children

Little girls are magical!  And fortunately for us style-happy types, having daughters who love their dresses, jewelry and long hair is a blessing!

Admittedly, when it came to hair, I had a huge learning curve. Prior to having our daughter, I had not helped anyone with their coif.  Well, that has certainly changed!  Multiple times a day, I now brush, primp, wash, condition and sometimes even curl my daughters hair.  Thankfully, she is a good sport and enjoys getting all dolled up.  Here are some of the fun looks we have done together...

The Beach Bun
The Flower Girl

The Frozen Sisters Hairstyle (on this day it is Elsa)
The Shirley Temple
The practical French braid

The hair feature

Ah, and THE BUN!  It took years to get this one down -- years of curious looks from the ballet moms!

For those of you still learning, here is a simple hair style that will surely impress...

Brush back hair into pony tail
Put in elastic tie, and then pull it down on the tail a bit
Spread hair evenly above the elastic
Twist bottom of pony tail into the hole created above
Slide hair through
Tighten elastic tie and, Voila!

If you need new hair ties for school, I recommend these autumn colored ties from Sephora:

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