Friday, June 27, 2014

It's Gardening Time!

Gardens are fun for both children and adults,  and especially in the springtime, perfect for parties!  Logically, everyone has their own style -- formal, modern, family-friendly, Asian, naturalist...whatever works for you, works!

 I encourage parents to involve their children in gardening, it gets everyone outside and kids love getting their hands dirty!
For small urban gardens, less is more; unless of course you designed your garden to look like the garden you enjoyed while staying at a 18th century villa in Tuscany (as we did here)...

We just had to have that water feature! Allium (purple pompom) look great in almost any garden and are always pleasing to children.  Also, for the less dedicated gardener, bulbs are a great way to get color into the garden without too much trouble.  

Sparkling white Guara pictured here at our beach house offers a whimsical, elegant touch to any garden.  It magically looks like hundreds of little butterflies.  It blooms all summer long in the Northeast. 

Amazing early-summer container, look at those verigated ferns!  Who would have thought purple basil and pink geranium would tie it all together?

Foxglove (Digitalis) is a low-maintenance, deer-resistant tower of flower that flourishes in our garden by the beach.  You can  cut down the stalk and it will re-bloom in the fall. It also self-seeds. 

Gardens should have color. Aside from the plantings, a great way to brighten up your outdoor space is to use lively fabrics, as I did here with this French stripe. 

It takes years for a garden to mature. But its worth the wait!  This wonderful Russian Sage, planted over 8 years ago, gets fuller every year. 

These colors are not normally part of my preferred palate, but my daughter LOVES this arrangement!

Soon enough it will be time to buy bulbs for fall planting.  Here are some great online sources:

McClure & Zimmerman
John Scheepers         
Van Engelen             

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