Thursday, July 10, 2014

Cappuccino in a Flash!

Fun Gift...
For Someone That Has Everything.

Recently, we attended an elaborate 40th birthday party, hosted by a friend who appears to have everything.  For weeks, we struggled to come up with a gift. After spending a weekend at the beach, and using our beloved stovetop instant Cappuccino maker everyday, we thought, surely he doesn't have this!  It has been months since the party, and my friend enthusiastically uses the handy machine regularly -- he loves it!

So if you are struggling with a gift, here is a suggestion -- and demonstration, of course!

The Bialetti Mukka Express is a frothy wonder:

This device only has 3 pieces to clean and is handsome enough to keep out.

To use, simply pour the espresso coffee into the funnel filter, and water into the base.

Screw top part of coffee pot to the base. 

Fill upper compartment with milk (or whatever your lightener of choice is these days).

Place on stove, high flame. 

The coffee percolates and froths the milk simultaneously! 
Within 2-3 minutes an audible POP indicates your caffeine fix is ready.

Pour into cup and... have Italian coffee house quality, at home!

We have a number of the Bialetti stovetop coffee/espresso making machines, this company makes a quality, reliable product. Our current favorite coffee machination is the Americano, where hot water is added to expresso for a tasty "hot top" of varying dilution.

It may be interesting to note that while, on one hand I am recommending Cappuccino makers, I am watching my own caffeine consumption.  It is easy to keep a cup of coffee in each hand when watching little ones all day, and this can seriously impact your sleep. It is recommended to keep the caffeine intake to under 250mg/day (this is no more than 2 cups of drip coffee). Expresso is 3-4 times less caffeine per cup than percolated coffee. Green tea is less than 45mg per cup.

Need an organic chemistry fix with your caffeine intake? Here is a scientific blog (but not too esoteric) that shows and explains the function of caffeine in the body on a molecular level (my daughter was excited by the cute mice in the adenosine receptor diagram):

Oh, by the way, if the frothing pressure value is not in its proper place on the Mukka, this is what happens:

Coffee Geyser! 

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