Friday, July 4, 2014

4th of July Hairstyle

To date, I received the most comments on my recent post about my daughter's hairstyles.    
So with the summer holidays upon us, I went through my daughter's hair supplies to create another workable look.  In my drawers I found some gorgeous antique ribbon -- I just had to use it!  Here is the fun, festive creation...

I parted the hair to create two high pony tails

Originally, I was going to weave the ribbon into the hair, but it wasn't dramatic enough!

So, I took the ribbon out and wrapped the pony tails into buns held together with hair pins

I tied the ribbon in the hair around each bun. 

And then I added in some nice 4th of July sparkles

Yep, she loves it!

Tip:  When doing an exposed part in the hair (like I did here), be sure to put sunscreen on the part to protect the scalp from burning.  There are some great new sunscreen powders (albeit expensive) that don't whiten or clump the hair, check out Colorescience products:

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