Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Christmas in New York City

Season's Greetings!

For me, putting up the Christmas tree is a substantial undertaking, mostly because my ambitious annual purchase is at least 9 feet tall, requires 12-15 strands of lights, and necessitates having to sort through no less that 15 boxes of ornaments and other holiday trappings.  Once complete, however, it is beyond compare.  

While rummaging through my ornaments this weekend, I came across some delicate, hand-painted, little treasures -- my artisan blown egg wonders.  While reminiscent of the Ukrainian Easter Eggs, the ones that intricately use wax resin to bond ornate designs onto the surface of the egg, these eggs were purchased locally here in Brooklyn from a local artist's shop. Of my many boxes of holiday ornaments, these are some of my most prized.  Unfortunately, from the original dozen that I purchased many years ago, only 4 have survived -- the tall price of purchasing fragile art!

What is it about a lit wreath that just makes everything look better at Christmas?

As anyone who lives within a few hours of New York City knows, there is nothing like spending an afternoon on 5th Avenue in December.  The tree in Rockefeller Center is collossal, the windows at Saks Fifth Avenue drip with holiday taste and style, and all the shops are buzzing with expectant shoppers.  The mass of bustling holiday crowds, however, can be a bit maddening.  But, if seeing it all through the eyes of children, it's quite priceless: 


If you find yourself in New York and are looking to experience the magic of the holidays, consider checking out one of the historic hotels, such as the Helmsley Palace (pictured above).  Drop in for tea, sit back and enjoy the festive accents and metropolitan merriment. 

I sincerely hope that the weeks leading up to your holiday are peaceful and filled with style.  
Best wishes!

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