Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Stylish Facial Hair

Remember Movember

Movember, the recently coined men's movement (and the hybrid of the words mustache and November) is over for this year.  In Brooklyn, it's hard to distinguish who participated in the month long challenge to grow beards and mustaches, since facial hair is so stylishly ubiquitous. Gone are the stereotypical references to bearded hippies or bikers or lumberjacks.  It doesn't seem to matter what the personality, facial hair is everywhere, or at least in these parts.

The much-hyped Movember movement is intended to build awareness for men's health (in particular for prostate and testicular cancers) and to encourage our men to get themselves to the doctor. It originated in Australia in 2003 and, after building and winning generous support from around the world, has impressively raised millions for men's health -- which is so cool!

While I did not grow facial hair (it just doesn't suit me that well) I did make a doctor's appointment and in fact, went! Why are men, like me, so unwilling to go to the doctor?  For starters, we are wimps!  We are uncomfortable with needles and we don't like pain, unless of course it was earned in say a sporting activity.  We are also conditioned to "shake it off" and to be tough. We unremittingly assume that if something doesn't feel right, it will simply go away in time, like it did when we were in our 20s.

Women, on the other hand, are much more connected to their health -- their bodies necessitate this, beginning in adolescence. They often freely discuss body changes with their friends, sisters and sometimes, as I have personally witnessed, strangers. Later on, if they decide to have children, they seem to have mentally prepared themselves for the demands that it will impose on their bodies.  Men don't do any of this preparation.  Men know that having children will not likely entail obligatory and somewhat embarrassing trips to the doctor. Men simply aren't trained to connect with their bodies in the same way that is outwardly required of women.

Strangely, even more than being married to a doctor, being a parent has changed my perspective when it comes to my health. I now need to take an offensive rather than defensive approach.  After all, I have a small person who really depends on me -- in a way that is totally unique from any of my other relationships.

I am happy that the doctor's appointment is behind me, after all, mentally it was much worse than reality. Thankfully, all the test results were within a normal range.  And since my cholesterol ratio, in particular, was stellar, I naturally went right to one of my favorite pastry shops.  For Movember it was fittingly titled:

Check out this Youtube video as you prepare to participate in the Movember cause next year:

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