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Brooklyn Bridge Park

Brooklyn Bridge Park
Photographic Tour

Brooklyn is the Bomb!

There are so many trend pieces being written about Brooklyn; it's impossible to pick up a food or art or design magazine without seeing a featured account of a Brooklyn innovation, or a refurbished run-down Brooklyn building, or some other fresh project happening in the borough. Why is it so popular?  For starters, Brooklyn sits right next to Manhattan.  But more than that, it retains an amazing historical backbone, attracts talented artists and young companies, is becoming the food capital of the world and is exploding in things to do! I read recently that on any given night there are over 200 live performances happening in Brooklyn. Every night!

Brooklyn Bridge Park, before the renovations! These piers stood empty for many years. 
Brooklyn Bridge Piers, today

Of all things newfangled and refurbished in Brooklyn -- check out
 Brooklyn Bridge Park!

This summer, I spent countless afternoons in this park, often with many children in tow. I fully realize why it is the new "must see" attraction in the popular borough.  Aside from the soccer fields, the food stands, the roller rink and the amazing playgrounds -- is the view!  If you haven't been, here is a quick look:

The Sports

The park offers too many activities to list, but here are just a few:

Ride the carousel, play soccer on Pier 6, fish on any of the piers, BBQ on the grills provided, swim in the pop-up pool, sail with the Brooklyn Sail Club, ride the carousel, roller skate in the roller rink...

The Art

One of Copenhagen's most celebrated contemporary artists, Jeppe Hein, is being represented at the Park as part of The Public Art Fund.  The pieces, peppered around the park, are colorful, whimsical, engaging and wonderfully fun. Best of all, kids and adults alike are encouraged to touch, sit, and play around the art.

Modified Social Benches, by Jeppe Hein. That's Governor's Island in the background and, of course, the Statue of Liberty further back. 

Mirror Labyrinth, by Jeppe Hein.
Vertical planks of mirrors, mimicking the Manhattan skyline, create infinite illusions. It's superb to view from afar, up close, 
or from within. 
More Jeppe Hein
Appearing Rooms (above) is an dramatic installation where walls of water create rooms that appear and disappear.  Fun, but be prepared to get wet! 

The Food

Along with the view, the activities, and the overall atmosphere, are some lip smacking food options.  Fornino (below), perfect for kids, offers coal oven pizza and delicious salads, with a commanding second story view of the Manhattan skyline. 

View from Fornino Roof Deck

Pop Up Pool Concession Stand 
Ample Hills Creamery -- simply the BEST ice cream in Brooklyn!
Jacques Torres chocolate in Dumbo, enough said!

The Shoppping

Adjacent to the carousel, on the North side of the park, is trendy DUMBO.  Here you will find one of my favorite shops -- West Elm Market. The Feed USA bag (above) is not only practical, but a portion of the proceeds is donated to Feed 100, providing 100 meals to hungry Americans.  And the bag is made in America!
The West Elm Market is also a perfect place to make a rest stop, use the facilities, get a cappuccino and buy some gifts or housewares.  This carved bowl (below) would work splendidly to hold fruit or maybe some sliced bread, wrapped in a gauzy linen napkin. It is a great find, and is currently on sale at West Elm:

Practical laundry baskets, on wheels, are also on sale now at West Elm Market:
Use the code: REDHOT to get an extra 15% off clearance items here:

The Statue

After spending the entire day in this lively park, when dusk appears, the scene becomes even more unbelievable:

Getting to Brooklyn Bridge Park:


  • High Street

  • York Street
  • Clark Street

  • Court Street
  • Borough Hall


  • B25Fulton Ferry Landing
  • B63Loop road on Pier 6
  • B61Atlantic Ave. & Hicks St.
  • B67Jay St. & York St.


You can now take the ferry by East River Ferry, New York Water Taxi, or Governors Island Ferry to get to Brooklyn Bridge Park.

    That's me! 30. 
    I found this picture while looking for
     old pictures of the Brooklyn Piers.

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