Sunday, August 30, 2015

A Hampton Classic

For most, with Labor Day quickly approaching, the summer season is coming to a close.  Beach houses are being packed up, back packs are being purchased, and fall ensembles are being picked out. But, before saying goodbye to the Summer of 2015 in New York, there are two splendid sporting events that finish the summer season elegantly and spectacularly, The US Open and The Hamtpon Classic.
All dressed for the Classic

Yesterday, we spent the afternoon enjoying one of these splendid events -- The Hampton Classic. Helping to take the sting out of the end of summer, The Classic is as tony as American sporting events get. But, this is not a typical sporting event (a far cry from a Mets game);  at The Classic attendees get dressed, really dressed -- women and men alike are truly natty.  For me, this is half the fun of it. For for my daughter, simply walking around the stables, where we hung out with all things equestrian,  petting horses and other animals, kept her contentedly amused.

As one of the largest outdoor horse shows in the United States, The Classic is a grand event unto itself, for both horse enthusiasts and casual spectators alike.  It is a bit like a beautiful outdoor fair, albeit a very civilized one.  At its core, it is ostensibly a horse competition. But don't be fooled, it is much more than just that.  It is an event -- with the Bridgehampton countryside as the backdrop, where celebrities walk around anonymously, where high end shops set up booths, where equestrian skills are showcased, where delectable food can be savored, where exciting polo matches can be observed and where animals trot about freely in an unthreatened environment.

If your summer plans didn't include an outdoor equestrian leisure show such as the Hampton Classic,
here is a quick pictorial look at an event that , of the like, hasn't changed much since the times of Downton Abbey:

Stables are decorated impeccably, complete with boxwood plantings.
Lots of glamorous style at The Hamptons Classic
Our daughter taking a break from the horses, with an iced cold lemonade at the Ghurka shop. Her dress is from CrewCuts.
My vote for the BEST pop-up shop:  Galet  -- luxury shoes handmade in France...
After finishing a long day of jumping, horses trot back to their well appointed stables.  And for us, it was time to get home for dinner.  Until next year, so long Hamptons Classic.
Enjoying our last few nights by the beach. 

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