Saturday, September 6, 2014

Back to School Hairstyles

Back to School Hairstyles - 10 Styles and Tips

1. Get it up and out of the face!

By now you have likely made your annual trip to your local box store to pick up your kid's school supplies.  You probably have in mind what everyone will be wearing for their first day back to school.  But have you thought about your daughter's first day of school hair design??

If not, here a few practical yet stylish looks everyone will appreciate:

2. Braids:

Braids are always stylish. And perhaps owing to the popular The Hunger Games and Game of  Thrones series, even more so now than ever. They symbolize power and strength in women. Thankfully, they are easy and workable and have some range.

 For my daughter, keeping hair out of the face all day while at school is a key consideration to any style.  The above braid, which starts higher on the head, dutifully performs this task.

The sides braid is also effective in keeping the hair off the face, and adds a different twist (pun?) to a classic look. 

The "don't try this at home" braid -- 4 strands! It took numerous tries to get it right -- over under, under over.

Charmsies bring the bling!  They simply adhere to the hair after quickly pressing for a few seconds with a flat iron.  

3. Splash of Color:

Every hair style looks a little better with some hair ornamentation.  Go ahead, put that scarf in there!

4. Classic and Romantic Looks:

Keep the styles classic while you can -- soon enough you won't be making the hair decisions! 

I am really inspired by turn of the century looks.  With a French floral dress, this style pairs nicely with a day in the country -- babbling brooks, whispering fields, impressionist paintings...

This is such an elegant, crowd-pleasing hair style.  And it's easy --  in June, I wrote up instructions on how to do it.  Check it out:

5. Be Creative - Mix it Up!

Sorry, I just had to add in the Elsa wig (from Frozen). 

Another twist on the braid.  Just flip it back up on top. 

6. Fun in a Bun

You can never go wrong with the bun...

...or better yet, a braided bun...

...or, the scary Halloween Bun!

Colorful hair ties -- such a simple, delightful tool for adding color to any outfit. If placed correctly, these ties help evenly distribute hair tension, limiting breakage.

I bought these hair ties at Sephora, where the selection is constantly updated: 

7. Hair Product Tips:

I am a firm believer in using organic hair products on children whenever possible -- limiting exposure to questionable chemicals -- parabens, phthalates, petroleums, etc. -- is always a good idea. The trick is finding products that smooth away the tangles and leave the hair soft and shiny. 

I have been using the Burt's Bees line of products for our daughter since she was born.  They are gentle on her hair and skin, and are made of all natural ingredients.  I receive many compliments on her silky locks,  and I attribute much of this to the faithful use of this product. 

Recently, I have been trying new products and, of the bunch, would strongly recommend the Aubrey line (conditioners, mostly).  This product is high in vitamins and seems to restore moisture, boosting shine.  I also like the John Master's organic product line, but they tend to be expensive. Also, any of the Argon Oil products give hair shine and leave it with a subtle scent that girls enjoy. 


If your child's hair seems beyond repair, try this truly organic (albeit crunchy granola) old-fashioned trick -- condition with a few tablespoons of mayonnaise.  Seriously it works!

8. Pests

While unpleasant to discuss, my partner reminds me that many back-to-school editorials mention that autumn is the high season for unwanted hair pets (lice!!).  Using conditioners is believed to have the added benefit of drowning these unsavory buggers.  

9. The Brush

Raking through my daughter's hair causes comments of displeasure from her every day.  After purchasing countless brushes, I am a true believer in the Mason Pearson brush, but it is expensive, very expensive!  Luckily, Scalp Master knocks off this brush, and is an effective alternative.  Throw away those wire tooth brushes, stick to the mixed bristle. 

10. Boys

If you have a boy, part the hair to the side or better yet, straight back, and you are done for the day!

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