Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Reading Glasses!

Over 70% of adults need some form of vision correction.  As we get older, this number climbs. 

A fews weeks ago, I was sent a pair of AdLens reading glasses to review.  At first, I was excited to inspect these innovative glasses, where wearers can achieve perfect focus by simply self adjusting the dials on the side of each lens.  But then, I read some online reviews, and became concerned that I may not be able to spin a positive story.

Maybe not the most becoming glasses -- I
look a bit like a diamond jeweler!
But, AdLens glasses deliver on functionality.

Luckily, as soon as I put the spectacles on my face, my concern faded -- I don't agree with the online reviews. I think these glasses are ingenious.  And while I certainly wouldn't advocate purchasing these glasses as a substitute for taking a trip to the eye doctor, I do think that these lenses are perfect for casual use, or as a spare pair that can be left in an overnight case, in the car, next to the phone, or by the bed of a well dressed guest room. And for just $30, they can't be beat!

Arctic Char, what's more agreeable than that? Assuming you can see it!

This weekend we went to a trendy, yet rustically unassuming restaurant in the Clinton Hill section of Brooklyn, called The Finch.  It was absolutely superb. The open kitchen in this restaurant helped to rally an energy of excitement from the enthusiastic and industrious staff, seemingly passing it along to all the smartly dressed patrons, as they savored their perfectly seasoned Arctic Char, sumptuous Berkshire pork, and house churned butter. And in keeping with all things Brooklyn, the menu, created daily, was farm to table.

But, while the atmosphere was  more than suitable, and entirely comfortable, it was dimly lit, making it hard to read the delicately printed menus.  Luckily, I had a pair of the AdLens reading glasses handy. After making my selection, I passed the glasses around the table, as all of us in our party, well into our 40s, needed to magnify the menu a bit! Smashingly, they worked for each of our various prescriptive needs and we didn't resort to shining the obtrusive, bright light of our cell phones onto our menus. Oh, and the glasses paid for themselves, considering we could clearly read the lavish prices on the wine menu.

Last week, I ran into a friend who is an Ophthamologist. Somewhat reluctantly, I asked if he would mind offering his opinion of the AdLens products.  Surprisingly, he had never seen these inventive glasses, and was impressed with the craftiness and functionality.  He seemed to really like them and went on to say that they definitely serve a niche, especially for those who really cannot afford the hefty price that comes with most prescriptions. That was a nice stamp of approval!

If you keep glasses around the house, I suggest checking into AdLens products. They also make sunglass versions. You can get more information about AdLens here:

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