Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Romance of Fabrics

Take design cues from the masters, and be inspired! An entire room could be themed around that cobalt blue bow...

...or, maybe just a bedroom table!

I could spend an entire day in a fabric store.  Wandering past bolts of beautiful textiles is a bit like spending a fanciful afternoon at a museum admiring genius art -- perusing the bold, or muted, or variegated colors, the flora or fauna, the detailed patterns -- it's just beautiful.  Many of my friends find these shops overwhelming, but I find them great fun. Perhaps too much fun -- I have been known to buy bolts of fabric without having an exact use in mind.

I just had to buy this Italian fabric!  The hand painted, Florentine texture is stunning. But, I haven't found a use for it yet!

Layering various fabrics is so stylish.  On my bed, I am constantly shuffling fabrics around (above and below)

Classically modern sheets by Frette that I used in a guest room
18th Century inspired embroidered fabric from India. Again, I just had to have it! Much of the fabric from Indian has a cheerful sense of authenticity and has influenced countless fabric designs, including many of the bold country French collections. 

For some years now, home decor seems to have forgotten about the beautiful language that colorful fabrics, wall coverings and rugs speak.  Lately, style has been somewhat refined, somewhat hotel-like and hence, a little dry and a little limited.   Luckily, this seems to be passing. The exuberance of color is coming back, and we should enthusiastically welcome its return!

A cerulean embroidered silk throw livens up an earthy brushed wool chaise in my bedroom.

We have no problem taking a beautiful paisley printed Indian fabric to the beach to use as a tent. 

Now, of course, there are the legendary fabric houses -- Schumacher (above), or Brunswick and Fils, or Kravet...

...but here in Brooklyn, there are other vibrant options. Flavor Paper is a modern, inspiring source for wall coverings. Customers can custom design their paper, via hand-made screen printing, or use exisitng patters. Gorgeous!

Remember -- your house is your home.  Make sure it feels like it!

Happy Designing!

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