Saturday, November 22, 2014

Let the Holiday Decorating Begin

Holiday Warmth

There is something about the chill in the air and the excitement of the impending holiday season that makes me merry! The days are shorter and the food is a little more filling. I do love the warmth of winter!

And with the magical holidays quickly approaching, I decided that it was time to open the Christmas storage vault.  Unlatching the closet is a superb annual treat because in the 11 months when all the decorations are entombed, they are easily forgotten. When I enter the closet, it's almost like having just returned from a fabulous shopping spree, going through this box of finely patinated beads and that bag of sparkling white lights. It's great fun, getting reacquainted with all the familiar but somewhat forgotten trimmings! It's simply the best time of the year -- so much happy expectation. 

I put lighted wreaths everywhere! 

Luckily,  I have collected enough holiday trappings to decorate in different color themes from year to year, should I chose.  But, I don't.  I am always drawn to the rich golden tones, which I compliment with deep reds and silvers.  The result -- elegant, sophisticated and most importantly, warm.   

Some of my favorite holiday expectations:

Without doing much, some houses just scream Christmas.
Luckily for me, mine is one of them!
The frosted pine simple, yet so imperfectly fanciful!
Nothing has the same sense of childhood whimsy and
double-entre as the Nutcracker!

The glass trees by Simon Pierce.  The problem is that
you can't just have one!

Children! Girls in White Dresses...
For years, our daughter only wore dresses with big bows on Christmas. 


For a quick, inexpensive and reliable outside holiday decoration,  spray paint a bunch of branches white and place them upright in an outside container.

Decorate your staircase with garland, use fresh pine boughs to fill the room with fragrance. 

Paper Whites -- put them on any table and wrap with a big white or red bow. 

Don't be afraid of imperfections. Antique glass ornaments and shiny new ones look fabulous together.  Use any large glass bowl/hurricane lamp to fill with unused ornaments.

Mix it up!

All ready for our first holiday party!

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